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May 26

bisisterhood said: I'm cis and I'm still learning about non-binary identities. What is, in your knowledge/experience the term that non-binary monosexual folk usually use to describe their orientation? Technically, monosexual terms are not only bound to the gender of the object of attraction but the subject as well. Some non-binary people use "queer", but I'm not sure whether they meant to imply that they're not monosexual or not. When I use "queer" I usually refer to all LGBT folk and notany specific orientation.

hello and im sorry i took so long to answer your question but i have mostly stopped blogging on tumblr and its been a long time since ive checked tumblr. getting back to your question the usual terms are androsexual (attracted to men, males, masculine people) gynesexual (females, women, feminine people) pansexual (all genders, sexes) polysexual (multiple but not all genders sexes) asexual (no sexual attraction) skoliosexual (attraction to genderqueerness) obviously much of this language is reletively new and to some is too commplicated so they will simply identify as the vague term queer obviously none of these terms make a reference to the the gender of the subject wheras homosexual and heterosexual do

Jan 11
Yep Yep Yep!

Yep Yep Yep!

Jan 05

Word Vomit: Genderqueer Blues →


I live in a cissexist world. More importantly, I am immersed in a cis-centric community.

How do I explain to my friends when they are using the wrong pronouns or when they say, “It’s too difficult to remember that” or referring to me as lady, girl, woman, or whatever other erasing/dismissing…


Jan 05

What in the seven hells is intersex and what are genderqueers?


are people just coming up with new excuses to label themselves?
just saying…you don’t need to put a label on yourself to express your individuality… conformism is a state of mind, freedom is a lifestyle. 

this is complete ignorant bull! Im genderqueer and its basically a person who doesnt identify as either fully male or fully female….Intersex is someone whos physical “sex”(genitals, chromosomes, reproductive organs) is neither fully male or fully female….Ones mental the other is hysical. How hard would it be for you to do a five minute internet search?! You dont even knowwhat it is but your calling it a “label” and just dissmissing it??! Sounds privileged and ignorant :(

Jan 05

Crossdressing for “humor” is NOT funny its appropriation of my identity and its mocking trans* and gender variant people!

Im sooooo sick of people thinking men in dresses are so hahahaha funny!:( Im so sick of the media making my identity, my life into a joke, a freak show, something to be ridiculed! To dress how I do in this society with this body is one of the hardest (not to mention dangerous) things I have had to come to terms with and its not something the media can or should use to make dehumanizing jokes about me! Every time you make a crossdressed male into a joke you are making trans* and gender variant people into a joke and we do NOT think its funny! Im sick of being laughed at at school and by random people and knowing maybe if society would just stop it with this “men in dresses ROFL” bullshit then it probably wouldnt happen! Making male assigned people wear dresses or womens clothes for comedy is not ok or funny its appropriation and transphobic oppression!

Just a disclaimer this does not mean cis men cant or shouldnt wear womens clothes for self expression, style, or to brake oppressive gender roles it just means stop it with “crossdressing for laughs” type crap!

Jan 05


100% done with people who think that demisexuals can’t be aromantic.

fuck the identity police hun only you know what you are!

Jan 05

anjhuzen said: hey if you're still looking for collaborators for a gq youtube channel, i'd be down to make a few videos or whatever~ c:

hmm  well its kinda pretty full but if you want to do guest videos or fill in when others cant do there video that would be great! Message back if your still interested!

Jan 05

theronindiaries said: Hey saw your post about disliking gay and trans* people who end up conforming and entering the system. I was just curious you could expound upon that for my edification. I didn't quite grasp what you meant by it and which systems you were talking about.

I was refearing mostly to people who emphasive a couple of things; one people who expect everyone to get married and be monogamous(if someone wants this then thats fine, but other relationships should be excepted too) and two gay men who hate on gender non-conforming or so called feminine gay men…The ones who say that they “give gay people a bad reputation” and “are walking stereotypes”..other things as well, people who are against reclaiming the word queer, people who think gay pride parades are too “out there” and “need to be toned down” Oh and the gay men who think transgenders are “too out there and hold back the gay movement”  Basically gay people who want every one to live an extremely typical “normal” and otherwise conservative life while still being gay!

Jan 05

fairydustaids said: Dear you, whoever you are. I take as much offense to you ending your description with 'die cis scum' as you would to me ending mine in 'die tranny scum' your message is clearly not anti-hate but different hate. I'm exited for you that like so many other sexists, homophobes, transphobes, racists, neo-nazis and so on, you've descovered the internet as a place to stand on your hateful soap box. If this isn't the message sent by your blog, your description has misrepresented you. Best wishes.

Wow all i can say is wow! You have no clue how ignorant you sound on this! Firstly die cis scum is not directed at all cis people its directed at SCUMMY cis people who make trans* peoples lifes hell and murder us! Seriously do you know every three days a trans* woman is murdered in a hate crime just for existing….You dont think I have a right to be a little angry that I am litterally at one of the highest murder rates per group and could be killed any day by a HATEFUL cis person, how often do trans people murder cis people for being cis?… Oh wait let me guess you dont have to worry about it cause your at the huge privilege of being able to say stupid ignorant crap on some “hateful, cissphobic, trannys blog” just cause you dont understand the point of something! And that point is I am upset and offended every fucking day of my life by peoples transphobic and cissexist veiws and there cruel treatment of me for no other reason than my gender expression….But wait I forgot Im supposed to act like nothing is wrong and give you guys a cookie every time you get my prounouns right, because as a trans* person I should be so thankful that you cis people even talk to me…Right? Wrong! We dont need privileged, oppressive ”allies” like that…every one of those things you compared to me is completely a bad analogy because all of those prejudices are directed at systematically oppressed people; women, gays, transgenders, racial minorities,jews etc those are all systematically oppressed people being hated on by systematically privileged people…its really not the same if a trans* person hates cis people as trans people have a reason to be angry and have no power to systematically oppress cis people….also I do not at all hate all or most cis people and my blog is not anti cis or anti hate…its pro FAIRNESS! So please think before you go on with your typical ignorant comments…

Jan 05


I don’t get why transitioned trans people, and intersex people, aren’t allowed in the American military. 

It has to do with the genitals aspect but I don’t get that. How does what’s in your pants affect your skills on the battle field?

because half the people in this country have fucked up veiws and just dont want them in the military…:( no good reason really same with “Why couldnt women vote way back when” its changing a bit though